Yorkie Terrier Training

Yorkie terrier training really is a way of life with your dog. People who own Yorkies usually never regret their decision. Yorkies have amazing personalities for a small dog.

They are smart, loyal to their family, courageous, independent, and total people dogs. They do, however, need to be trained and socialized at an early age in order to fully enjoy these fabulous dogs.

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Yorkie obedience training is the things you do to establish yourself as the alpha pack leader of your home, and the ground rules you set for your dog. Ideally Yorkie obedience training should start as soon as your Yorkie reaches eight weeks of age, which is when most people get their dogs.

If you have a Yorkie older than a year old, you should consider getting professional training, as the dog may already be set in its ways and it will be difficult for somebody who is not fully experienced in dog training to accomplish much.

Your dog should be socialized to get along with other dogs, animals, and humans. This should be done at an early age, and it is done to eliminate aggression.

Positive reinforcement is the proven training method of choice for people. It involves giving a command, getting compliance, and then rewarding the dog for the good behavior. A reward could be a small treat to eat, or something as simple as enthusiastic verbal praise and a good pet.

Some choose to do Yorkie obedience training with the clicker method. Basically you have a clicker that makes a “click” sound, which serves to signal to the dog that a certain behavior is expected. It is followed up with a treat when there is compliance from your dog.  Your Yorkie should be taught basic commands, like “sit,” “stay,” “no,” “down,” and so forth.

Do not use negative reinforcement, as it never solves the problem with the dog. This includes yelling and using physical force.

Many people like to use crate training when doing Yorkie obedience training. It involves using the crate as sleeping quarters for the dog at night, and putting your Yorkie in the crate when you are not home to supervise. Crate training can be really helpful with housebreaking your dog and also eliminating or alleviating separation anxiety, which may cause destructive behaviors in your dog (like chewing and so forth).

Another really good rule of thumb in Yorkie obedience training is to make your dog work for everything. Anything they get—a toy, treat, food, walk, etc—they should do something for you , like sit or roll over. This builds compliance and establishes alpha leadership.

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