Yorkie Problems

Welcome to trainyorkie.com. I’ve set this website up to help people with their Yorkie problems.

Dog owners everywhere have similar training problems with their dogs. Dogs will be dogs. They like to dig holes in your backyard, chew your favorite shoes, scratch at your door, whine, bark, and do all those annoying little things we want them to stop doing.

Yorkies can be a real problem for you if they aren’t trained when they are young. Remember that these are amazing little dogs with the right amount of training. It is to your advantage that you get your Yorkie trained so it will become a loyal and enjoyable addition to the family. Here are some common problems and solutions for you to think about


Yorkies are lovable, smart, energetic small dogs when they are trained. They were originally bred to find vermin in warehouses, so they are adept at using energy for productive pursuits. The dog, like a lot of dogs, has a natural propensity to be aggressive because they were used to hunt vermin.

The natural aggression can become problematic if the dog does not receive proper socialization when it is a puppy.

For example, a Yorkie that hasn’t been socialized may become easily agitated, overreact, and possibly attack other animals or people. This isn’t common behavior, but it is a possibility that you should be aware of if the dog isn’t trained and socialized.

The aggression can be easily handled. In order to prevent it, your Yorkie should become socialized with other dogs at a young age. Furthermore, it is essential that you take control of the relationship and assume the role as the alpha pack leader. You must convey to your Yorkie that you are in charge and you have the power, and that they must answer to you and wait for your responses and commands.

If you do this, it will tell your dog that their aggression isn’t needed due to the fact that you—as the alpha pack leader—will handle any potential problems.

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Prey Drive

One of the other things you might see in your Yorkie due to their innate drive to hunt is that they may see other small animals as prey. This could include cats, squirrels, and other such animals.

It’s always good advice to recommend that your Yorkie stay locked up when they go outdoors. It’s also recommended that you introduce your Yorkie to cats and other small animals at a young age. If none of these happen, your Yorkie problems can become more serious—especially if they start attacking neighborhood pets.

Separation Anxiety

Yorkies, like a lot of small dogs, have a high tendency to have separation anxiety when you leave your home. They can become agitated and show signs of anxiety whenever you are coming or going from the house.

The anxiety can manifest itself into barking or making a mess in your home, and even hurting themselves—pulling their hair, scratching at their paws, breaking teeth.

Obviously this is problematic for you as the owner, since most of us don’t want our houses destroyed. For Yorkie problems of anxiety, the key to addressing this behavior is to teach your dog to not seek attention when you are leaving the house or coming home.

Everyone in the family needs to be consistent here. They cannot say anything to the dog or touch the dog at all when they are leaving or coming. These simple gestures of petting, saying “good bye” and other moves can foster intense anxiety in your dog. This anxiety leads to the destructive behaviors.


In addition to separation anxiety, Yorkies can also be known for becoming neurotic about other issues– small sounds, digging, scratching, eating, or other common behaviors. To avoid these destructive behaviors, keep your Yorkie active mentally and physically by providing them with lots of opportunities to exercise and answer to commands.

Yorkies require about 1-2 1-2 hours of exercise per day.

Generally if you can’t commit time to your Yorkie during the first couple years of their life, you may want to choose a different breed of dog to own.

It’s also a good idea to think about having a second dog who can keep your Yorkie company, but make sure you spend at least 2-3 hours of every day in the company of your dog on a daily basis.

The problems Yorkies can have are similar to many other dogs. However, they can become exponentially problematic if you do not address them properly and at a young age. Spend lots of time with your dog and make them a part of your family and home. Establish your role as the alpha pack leader. Follow some basic training techniques and you will have a smart, lovable, loyal, obedient Yorkie that will become a cherished member of the family.

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