Yorkie Obedience

Training Yorkies With A Clicker is a good way to strart training your Yourkie. Read how a clicker works and how effective it can be to solve your problem.

The perks of having a Yorkshire Terrier (commonly known as a “Yorkie”) is that they are cute, small dogs that don’t have small dog brains: And that will make a seamless Yorkie obedience training . In other words, these little dogs are intelligent and have loyal, courageous tendencies.

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Yorkies are independent and strong-willed, and therefore can be prone to stubbornness and other personality traits that can be problematic for training purposes.

The first step to Yorkie obedience is figuring out a training plan. A lot of this depends on your Yorkie’s age. If your pup is less than one year old, you can proceed to do training on your own.

It is recommended to start training as soon after eight weeks old as you can. The older your dog gets, the harder they are to train due to the fact that they have become set in their ways and have usually acquired bad habits. If your Yorkie is over a year old, you may want to look into professional training.

For those of you who end up doing your own Yorkie obedience lessons, here are a few key points to consider when putting together training:

-Yorkies need consistency and a firm approach. Do not make exceptions to your expectations. Be diligent and follow up with certain behaviors with the appropriate response.

-Positive reinforcement should be used and has been found to be highly effective. When your Yorkie exhibits desirable behaviors and is complying with your commands, show them positive reinforcement. This may include a little treat, or a simple scratch on the back with some enthusiastic verbal praise.

-Yorkie obedience starts with commands. You must train your dog to respond to commands (like “sit,” “stay,” and others). Some people use a clicker to get their Yorkie to associate commands with a behavior expectation. Other people rely on positive reinforcement exclusively.

-You must establish yourself as the alpha pack leader. This means your dog sees you as the one in charge, and therefore will be more likely to take orders from you. If you allow your Yorkie to crown himself/herself alpha pack leader, they will think they are the leader of the home. This is not conducive to training purposes.

-Crate training can be a great method to use when trying to housebreak your Yorkie, and also when dealing with issues of separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can lead to destructive and annoying behaviors, like tearing up furniture and barking incessantly.

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