Yorkie Jumping

Like a lot of little dogs, Yorkies have the propensity of jumping and that Yorkie Jumping can be a problem. While this may appear cute when they are young, jumping is the kind of habit you want to stop in its tracks as soon as you can.

Jumping can be dangerous to small children and the elderly, and jumping can ruin your furniture. Additionally, a lot of people are annoyed by dogs that jump on them. Any good training program will help eliminate Yorkie jumping.

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Yorkies can be quite adept at jumping. This is even more reason to stop a jumping habit before it begins.

If you have the opportunity, start training just after your Yorkie is eight weeks old. After that age, the sooner the better. If you wait too long, your Yorkie will acquire undesirable habits that will be difficult to break.

To stop jumping problems, this is what you do:

When your Yorkie jumps, take it off the furniture or off your leg and say firmly and loudly “off.” The key is teaching your Yorkie to learn the command “off.”

If your Yorkie complies with the command, you give it positive reinforcement. This can be a little treat, or it can be enthusiastic verbal praise and a pet. The idea is to help your Yorkie associate “off” with desired behavior.

If you feel your Yorkie is about to jump, give it the command of “sit.” If your Yorkie complies, give it positive reinforcement.

Do not use negative reinforcement with your dog, even if you are frustrated. No yelling or physical force, as they are examples of negative reinforcement and will not be effective in preventing Yorkie jumping.

Some people choose to use the clicker training method to convey to the dog that jumping isn’t okay. This involves clicking the clicker when you want your dog not to jump, and then if there is compliance, following up with positive reinforcement.

Sometimes Yorkies will jump because they are excited. This is great motivation to curb separation anxiety, which includes making sure you don’t give your Yorkie attention of any kind when you are coming and going from the home. Crate training can help with curbing separation anxiety.

One thing is for certain when aiming to prevent and stop Yorkie jumping, and it is the fact that you simply cannot give your dog attention when it jumps.

A lot of people will pet their dog or play with it when it starts jumping. You do not want to reinforce jumping behavior.

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