Yorkie Biting

Yorkies who have not been properly socialized and/or trained can have Yorkie biting problems. Since Yorkies are irresistibly cute when they are small (and still cute even when they are full grown), a lot of people don’t treat them the way they should.

When the Yorkie pup nips, the behavior should be discouraged and stopped. Instead, a lot of people will think it’s cute, allow it to happen (and even encourage the rough behavior) without thinking about the dog’s future.

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When the Yorkie biting occurs once the dog is full grown, the nipping won’t be amusing, but could in fact become problematic, especially if your Yorkie is nipping strange dogs, kids, guests, or others.

The key is to control your Yorkie’s aggressive behavior from the get-go. Your dog should begin puppy socialization around 8 weeks of age.

At the same time you should begin training. One key component of training is to establish yourself as the alpha pack leader. In other words, you train your Yorkie that you are the boss around your house—not the dog.

If your puppy bites or nips, you should make a loud, sharp “ouch” sound. You should tell them “stop” and “no bite” in a lower tone. Do not yell, hit, or intimidate the dog in any way.

Yelling and using physical force can actually contribute to an aggression problem.  Another method that can be employed is shaking a can with something inside (like pennies or marbles) that can make a loud noise. This startling noise will reinforce your verbal commands to “stop” and “no bite.”

Do not encourage games like tug-of-war. This is a common mistake owners make that can lead to Yorkie biting. Avoid the games that encourage aggressive tendencies.

Some Yorkies bite because of anxiety or fear. The key to stopping this kind of biting is to ensure that your Yorkie feels safe. To deal with anxiety, training will be imperative.

Your Yorkie will have to learn not to be anxious when you come and go from the home. Crate training can be very successful in training, including providing your puppy with an environment that is safe and comfortable for them to retreat to.

Obedience training and lots of socialization at a young age will reduce your Yorkie’s anxiety around other dogs. Signs to look for are tucking the tail between hind legs, pacing, a lot of panting, whining, and growling. If your Yorkie exhibits these signs, you will want to make sure you immediately take it to a safe environment.

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