Yorkie Bark

At some point your cute little Yorkie won’t have a cute little Yorkie bark. If you have come to that crossroad, you may be feeling frustrated with your inability to stop your Yorkie from yapping away. Part of this is only natural—dogs are barkers by nature.

Only one type of dog doesn’t bark at all ( the Basenji ). So in other words, there is only so much one can do to prevent barking from happening.

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To control your Yorkie from that Yorkie barking which can be out of control, it is essential to identify the kind of barking you can control.

The Causes of Dog Barking

There are many reasons why dogs choose to bark. These include: when they want to eat, when they feel anger, feelings of being scared, etc. Here’s a few types of barking.

• Territorial Barking  • Alarm Barking  • Attention Seeking Barking  • Greeting Barking  • Frustration Barking  • Compulsive Barking  • Injury or Illness Related Barking

Barking is really a part of being a dog and your Yorkie bark is somewhat normal. So, you will not be able to completely prevent your Yorkie from barking. Barking is pretty natural for a dog. You may be wondering then how you can curb that barking propensity your Yorkie has.

How to Stop That Yorkie Bark

The first step to curbing Yorkie barking is to figure out why the barking is happening. Most of the time the barking is excessive and can be controlled. If and when you determine the barking is excessive, present the following questions to yourself:

At what times does my Yorkie bark?  What is my Yorkie barking at?  Does my Yorkie have a specific trigger?

If you decide that your Yorkie is doing territorial barking or is perhaps alarmed or scared by something, tell your dog to stop. Negative reinforcement can lead to aggression (like biting), so avoid that. Since your dog can’t understand what you are saying, they may stop barking but they will still have their territorial issues.

You will need to focus on making sure that your Yorkie isn’t feeling that territorial urge to bark. This stems from what goes on in your household. You must establish yourself as the alpha leader of the pack—not your Yorkie.

If your Yorkie thinks he/she is in charge, you will have lots of territorial barking. You can also attempt to reduce your Yorkie’s ability to see outside that would trigger territorial barking. For example, you can shut your blinds or get the kind of backyard fence that doesn’t allow him/her to see outside.

Stop Yorkie Barking with Anxiety

An anxious dog will bark, and there will be definite underlying issues that trigger the barking. You must ensure that you do not create an environment of anxiety for your Yorkie every time you come and go from the home.

If your Yorkie is experiencing anxiety, you probably rewarded them in the past for their anxiety. For example, when you came home in the past and your Yorkie was excited, you probably immediately gave them attention.

Although the natural inclination for the owner is to reach down and show affection to the dog, you are supposed to actually ignore your Yorkie for as approximately 10-15 minutes in order to prevent them from associating this anxiety and hyper behavior with your return to the house.

You must teach your Yorkie to stop barking by also teaching them to speak and be silent. Create a command that enables you to control when they speak and then be quiet. This is beneficial because it still allows them to bark when there is an intruder or something they legitimately should bark at.

A barking dog can quickly become the enemy of the neighbourhood and create problems in your community. If you learn to control the barking when your Yorkie is a puppy, you won’t have to worry about your neighbours complaining when you get home from work in the afternoons.

Dog barking does not have to be the bane of your community that it has become. Learn to control your Yorkie bark early and you’ll never need to worry about the neighbours banging down your door every day when you get home.

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