Yorkie Aggression

Do you have a Yorkie who is aggressive?  Yorkie aggression can be a problem if not addressed properly.  If you have a dog who is exhibiting aggression toward people and other animals, you run the risk of a host of problems for both you and your pet.

Yorkie aggression can include biting, snapping, growling, nipping, or anything else that is physically threatening to people and other animals.

Certain things can trigger aggression, such as an overactive child playing too rough with the dog, or a stranger approaching your Yorkie without the dog feeling comfortable.

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Yorkies in general consider themselves “guard dogs” despite their small stature.  They can be fiercely loyal to the family and a little too courageous—sometimes getting them in trouble when they underestimate their strength compared to a bigger dog.

As such, Yorkies can be prone to show aggression while thinking they are simply defending the home if they are not trained and socialized properly.

First, you want to socialize your dog.  Introduce them at a young age to other dogs and people.  Show your dog that other people and other animals are not a threat, but rather friendly and non-threatening.  Positive praise and positive reinforcement will help teach your dog which interactions are encouraged.

Yorkie aggression can also be curbed by general training, which includes helping your dog become responsive to commands, and also reaffirming your position in the household as the alpha pack leader.  If you are considered the leader, your Yorkie will be less inclined to think it is their duty to protect your fortress.

Keep your Yorkie on a leash when outside of the home and off your property.  Make sure they are never allowed to roam on their own.  This is for the safety of your dog and for your own peace of mind.

If your Yorkie is being especially aggressive with children, work to teach your Yorkie that children are not threatening.  For example, if there is a particular child your Yorkie has been aggressive with, ensure that the child is not handling the dog too rough.  You may even have little treats the child could give the Yorkie to teach the dog that the child is likeable and not to be feared.

If your yorkie is showing aggression with other people, you can use the same treat trick.  Have treats for other people to offer to win over the dog.  Emphasize to your dog that these other individuals are not a threat by speaking in peaceful tones and by offering the dog affection to keep them calm.

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