Training Yorkies With A Clicker

Yorkie training is vital to do, ideally starting when your pup is at least eight weeks old, and training Yorkies with a clicker is a good way to start. Everyone has different methods of training, some that work and other methods that don’t work. For many methods, routines and consistency are vital to helping your dog learn the rules of your household.

A big part of training is getting your dog to comply with commands. That’s why people believe that one proven method of training is using a clicker.

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Training Yorkies with a clicker is an effective way to start teaching your dog commands that are the basis of any solid training regimen. The idea is that they associate the clicker noises with a certain command they are being asked to do, so it makes your dog know what is expected of them.

A “clicker” makes a sharp sound that can be heard usually from 20 or more yards away. You use the clicker in conjunction with specific commands, like “sit” and “stay.” The clicker helps your Yorkie associate the command with the sound of the clicker as a way of increasing compliance.

The clicker is only used with the commands so there is no confusion.

Training Yorkies with a clicker can be broken into a three step process. Yorkies can be stubborn little dogs, so you will need to be firm and consistent to ensure that the clicker training is a success.

First, your Yorkie should be given a command. When the dog complies with the command, whther it be sit/stay/down/roll over/ or whatever, you sound off the clicker and give your Yorkie a treat. What this does is teach your dog to associate a specific behavior with being “good” and getting rewarded for it.

Clicker training usually gets immediate responses from Yorkies. It works because it is also giving your Yorkie positivie reinforcement and practice of dealing with its owner/household.

Once your dog has mastered the associating the clicker to a certain type of behavior, you can now move on to training Yorkies with a clicker, teaching your Yorkie to respond to the command first. Command, clicker, treat.

After a while it isn’t necessary to constantly reward your Yorkie with a treat. It is also beneficial to give the reward of petting the dog, or giving the dog verbal praise.

Clicker training should be ongoing. Your dog should be getting simple, sharp commands that are reinforced with the sound of the clicker. If your Yorkie complies with the command given, it should have the opportunity of being rewarded.

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