Crate Training Yorkie

Crate training Yorkies is an excellent method. Crate training is a proven method that not only helps with housebreaking your Yorkie, but also can be essential for your regular training regimen, and can alleviate separation anxiety your new dog may experience.

Yorkies are adorable and tiny dogs that are very independent, loving, loyal, and known for being stubborn. If they aren’t properly trained, they could become your stereotypical non-stop barking little dog. You don’t want this.

Discover How to CRATE TRAIN Your Yorkie Puppies Now!

Crate training is really a simple concept and isn’t very difficult to do, but it does require that you be consistent.

First, crate training Yorkie will necessitate that you have your new Yorkie sleep every single night in their crate. Do not deviate and make any exceptions, no matter how cute your Yorkie is.

Purchase a crate that is small, allowing space for your Yorkie to sleep comfortably and shift its position, but not too much room. The concept behind crate training is that dogs wont usually go to the bathroom where they sleep. If you buy a crate that is too big, the dog may use a corner to relieve itself.

So every time your dog goes to sleep at night, your Yorkie is sleeping in the crate. Anytime you are not around to supervise your Yorkie it should also go in the crate.  The benefits of using the crate are many.

First, the crate becomes a safe, comfortable retreat for your Yorkie. They will actually yearn to be in it. Secondly, the crate keeps your Yorkie out of trouble. If you aren’t home, they won’t be tearing up the carpet or peeing on something.

Crate training also helps with separation anxiety, offering your Yorkie a safe place that will decrease symptoms of anxiety like barking and destructive behaviors.

There are a few things to know about crate training Yorkie. You will want to make sure you give your Yorkie the opportunity to relieve itself before and after going in the crate. You also want to make sure that the crate has a blanket and maybe even a chew toy so your Yorkie can be fully comfortable inside of it.

Never use the crate for punishment. You don’t want your Yorkie to start associating the crate with something negative, so it’s not a place for time outs or where you throw your dog when you are mad. The crate should continue to be a safe, comfortable environment for your Yorkie. This is imperative to crate training Yorkie.

Discover How to CRATE TRAIN Your Yorkie Puppies Now!


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